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About Us


From our hearts to yours 

Namaste beautiful! 

We are three sisters – Urvi, Unnati and Anjali, and our family has been a part of the textile industry for a really long time. 

Growing up, we would often hear people tell our dad that sooner or later, he’d have to retire since he had no son to take the business forward. Ever since, we’d tell each other that we’re going to show the world that we too carved a niche for ourselves and made our parents proud. Back then, we were quite clueless on what we wanted to do, all we knew was our sense of style was highly appreciated in Surat. 

We would look for clothes to shop online, we liked them, but we were tired of seeing the same thing everywhere. It felt as if all websites offered the same thing! BORING… 

That’s when the idea of Urban Subअर्बन first conceptualized. The logo is bi-lingual, because we make use of Indian and Western textiles both, to give high street fashion cuts to all our garments.

Our garments are for all girls out there – Girls who’d experiment a lil’ with the way they dress and style themselves! All our garments are designed and manufactured in-house by our small team.

Though we’ve chosen to be a fast fashion brand in an age where everyone seems to be talking about fashion sustainability, personally, we don’t believe in extremes. We believe striking a balance is more important! And that’s why, against one polyester garment, we try and make three cotton garments or try to make outfits from good quality surplus fabrics. That’s just us doing our bit towards reducing carbon footprint.

With all of this, we’re trying to do our bit to be a part of an industry that has so much to offer and changes practically every day. That, we believe, is the beauty of the fashion industry!

Every day, we get a chance to think of a new story and design clothes which fit into our story. That’s what keeps us going!

And for all the girls out there, we'll take care of creating quality clothing for you, so you can take care of business (and everything else).

So, come along! Be a part of the SELF LOVE CLAN with us!


Urvi, Unnati, Anjali

Namaste Girl!
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