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  • Akshita
    Hiii team Urbansuburban!! I know this is a long long shot, but I wanted to drop a message with a whole lot of appreciation for the brand and identity that you have created. I’ve been a long-time admirer of your brand, and have truly truly connected to your belief and motives as a company. I wanted to show you guys appreciation for sourcing materials in a highly sustainable way, for not promoting and indulging the fast fashion world, and for creating this brand to support women from all backgrounds.I truly appreciate all the effort and energy you put into creating a brand that empowers women while maintaining high-quality production and sustainability. I’m a 1st-year student in IIT Madras, and as of right now, this is the only way I could show my support. In the future, I would love to purchase all of your products, and endorse it to everyone I know. The recent piece, the cream-coloured tube top and matching pants are nothing short of gorgeous. Thank you for all your hard work, I’m looking forward to the coming collections.
  • Roshini Juluri
     Love it!I moved to US but still continue to shop from you guys❤️Love the brand
  • Aditi Ahuja
    Hey thank you I loved the outfit ????and I’m so happy. I finally got this set at the end moment for my b’day 
  • Michelle Naik
    I wore the dress at Disney land Paris and loved it.. Thank you for expediting the order and sending it to me.
  • Priya S
    I love this! Thank you ☺️
  • Sanika Potnis
    I did wear the magenta skirt from your label yesterday.Sending you a picture…I love it !! I received my skorts yesterday and they look amazing !! Thank you so much for the quick delivery and ya they are a masterpiece !!
  • Riddhi Daga
     I got my parcel yesterday evening and the dress was amazing ????.The fitting was absolutely beautiful ???? . Loved it ????
  • Saloni Agrawal
    Loved the dress. Loved the fitt.
  • Jyoti Chandak
    Hi there!I wore the green ring dress on my vacation in Italy .It really felt nice,though the fabric  is a little thick for summer.But it photographed really well!Enjoyed wearing it.
  • Hena Malhotra
    Loved the set. So stylish and comfy.
  • Abha Gupta
    Its funny how I live in canada for last two years and yet i always shop from you guys! nothing comes close to perfect colors cotton and dresses for me than you guys! i am so glad i found you in the flea market
  • Natasha Virani
    The dress was just perfect for my birthday celebration
  • Shreya Pokharna
    Wore this on last year’s vacation, forgot to tell you, it looked cutee!  Thanks!
  • Richa Jhawar
    Liked your top so much .Thank you
  • Grishma Siddharth
    Love this customised dress for destination wedding,fit,quality, fabirc was too too good.❤️
  • Sharon bhagat
    Thank you for the amazing dress
  • Yesha Babariya
    Loved the dress, I got so so many compliment.
  • Gujan Batra
     I love the unique flavour you add to these pieces. They are bomb
  • Priyanka Sakaria
    Hey received the outfits yest, they are fab! Lovely material! Cant wait to wear them on my holiday! Thank you for the timely delivery
  • Deeksha Lakhani
    Ordered this amazing dress from you. Totally loved it
  • Vrunda Patel
    One of the best dress I wore the compliments I got in this dress .Thank you
  • Rashi Doshi
    Thank you for this wonderful outfit. Loved it
  • Prachi Bhanawala
    A major thanks to you for the perfect fit and look
  • Vandana Jhunjhunwala
    Hi received the dress.. it’s beautiful and fits me well.. thanks a ton
  • Priyanka Solanki
    Hey just received the dress.It’s so so soo good totally loved it!The fit and the fabric is perfect Thank you so much
  • Pearl Dosh
    The dress looked soooo damn fine!!!! Thankyou so much! Eternally grateful for this one!Received so much appreciation for this one
  • Shruti Hundia
    Thanks alot for this amazing top. Everyone loved the style.Looking forward to shop more from you
  • Ila Vashisht
    Thank you for the customisations!! Turned out so cute
  • Shreya mantri
     Wore your outfit on a day out in New York - it was soooooo comfortable and so chic! Walked into the sabya store in NYC and every salesperson there complemented it and asked where it was from!Got so many stares while walking along the street!I have an 8 month old and it was so easy to carry her around and feed her too!
  • Divya Khanchandani
    Hey,received the product,the fit is amazing.Got delivered on time.The material that is used is also amazing.Fits perfectly on my body.Thank you✨
  • Amrapali Shinde
    Hey ! I received my outfit! I love it !!!! So much can’t wait to wear it and style it and tag you guys
  • Paridhi Gupta
    Very happy with the dress. Amazing fit
  • Daedeepya Yendluri
    Omg I loved the order. Just wanted to let u know
  • Baisakhi Ray
    This shirt is so cute.I truly love the style n comfort from ur brand. Picture is not doing the justice. The colour is so beautiful.
  • Pooja Rathi
    Hey!Thank You so much for such a beautiful outfit and for making my birthday so so special. Each and every person out there complimented me and asked me where I should buy this one. I look forward to choosing you for my special occasions. Thank you once again for designing such a gorgeous outfit and making me stand out in a room full of people. Thank You so very much 
  • Shrava Khanna
     It looked absolutely stunning! I’m so in love with this kaftan. It is so versatile & can style it so many ways
  • Abha Gupta
    such a great set team! I ordered it on this trip and I have already worn it 3-4 times! I love all my outfits from you guys!!! stellar work.The top felt a bit boxy on me so i added my own twist of knotting it up
  • Archi Malik
    Thankyou for this stunning outfit. Love it
  • Roma Gandhi
    Thank you.I have received the parcel. Thank you so much for keeping this at priority and making sure i get it by the time I leave
  • Riddhi Rathod
    Hey I received the dress. I just loved it !!! Thank you 
  • Vaishnavi Mishra
    Everyone complimented and I felt the best in it.
  • Kritika Singh
    Thank you for the beautiful gender reveal dress.
  • Esha Shroff
     I loved it ! Thank you ❤️
  • Madhura Tare
    The dress fits like a dream ♥️♥️♥️♥️.Thank you so much for this
  • Miloni Sanghvi
    Wore the coord set for a pool party and I cannot tell you the number of compliments I’ve gotten on the outfit. Thank you for making such an amazing one! And the fit was
  • Vachana Raga
    Thank you for this perfect outfit ♥ ️ just loved it.
  • Ankita Dwivedi
    Just a feedback msg, I received both of the dresses though shopping from you, took a whole lot of patience and efforts but they turned out so well. My 6 months wait is worth it. I have never given feedback to any brands but here I can’t resist myself from doing it. Both the dresses are so good, the fir, the fabric, the quality 100% justify the price.Thanks again for your patience and coordination
  • Ruchika Batra
    Wore this blazer dress and it looked amazing ❤️
  • Aastha Dhall
    I really really love your collection + service (urgency of the time that you understood)
  • Joan
    Hello there !I received the dress just a while ago .It’s really pretty just like I wanted it to be,fits perfectly too .Thanks for making it on time
  • Anuja Burla
    Wore this dress for my wedding shopping today. So comfy in this heat❤️Thank you
  • Muskan Daruka
    Wore this dress yesterday, couldn’t be more confident and happier than this loved it.
  • Pratibha jain
    I got my order and omg it’s absolutely perfect.The fit the material the colour .I’ll wear and send you a proper picture.
  • Neha Padvi
     Love the whole outfit.Thank you so much
  • Sharmishta Mira
    Guys, the dress looks amazing. Thank you so much!
  • Isha Lakhani
    Hey!! Totally in love with this dress.. It's beautiful 
  • Dixita Shetty
    Loved the dress
  • Ruchika Batra
    Loved it! It's so chic and comfy. You have a big cheerleader in me❤️❤️❤️
  • Jigyasa Chotwani
    Hey, I got my top today.Can’t tell you how beautiful it looks and the fitting. It feels it was made for me .You guys doing great job
  • Sneha Jaisingh
    Thanks a ton .You got me sorted for my wedding !! I’ll look at the new collection on the 10th and i definitely know I’ll be purchasing some more silhouettes.You guys are doing a fab job! Cheers ❤️
  • Yesheshvini Ojha
    Thank you for making this dress. It made me feel so confident & elite right when I was having a bad day. You guys killed it.
  • Simran S Kapoor
    Your quality is amazing ❤️
  • Soni Anam
    Thank you so much for the pretty outfit ❤️❤️
  • Nishu Reddy
    Loved the dress 
  • Minal Jain
    My fiancé loved this dress. Thank you.
  • Riddhi Patel
    Thanks Urban Suburban team for these lovely dress.Totally loved it...
  • Devanshi Dalal
    Guysssss, the outfit which i gottt was sooo goood ! Everyone else also loved the style the colour everything ♥️♥️
  • Amrita Chawla
    This set is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. Love it.
  • Khushi Dokania
    Loved this outfit of yours ❤️❤️❤️ looking forward to buying moreeee.
  • Khushboo Agrawal
    Just wanted to share this with you. Loved the dress 
  • Juhi Arora
     I loved this dress so much,Thankyou for this beautiful piece.
  • Priti
    Loved ur creation.
  • Ishita Bhojwani
     Thanks for such quick delivery
  • Sneha Jaisingh
    Thanks a ton .You got me sorted for my wedding !! I’ll look at the new collection on the 10th and i definitely know I’ll be purchasing some more silhouettes.You guys are doing a fab job! Cheers .You guys are one of my favourite brands! Sorry “the most favourite ”!! I literally have most of your clothes in my wardrobe 
  • Pooja Shah
    Hiii! I received the order and everything fits perfectly .Thank you so much for sending it in time
  • Sanya Aggarwal
    Hi, I had a great time celebrating Christmas in Thailand in your rainbow dress. I just love your brand I always keep coming back for more for my holidays, fabric quality on point . It’s your hard work, you deserve it! Always looking forward to your collections 
  • Hinal Trevadia
    Hi , thank you so much for this amazing outfit
  • Aditi Ahuja
    I wore that black dress, it suited me so well. Thank you once again .I can’t believe I got this without trying, it fits so perfect.
  • Swati Sharma
    Wore this top for the New Year brunch with family . Everyone loved it  Thanks for the amazing top and it has great fit 
  • Divya Yadav
    Thank you, the dress was really nice. Thank you for sending it on time.
  • Pallavi Sharma
    I am in love with your design and style
  • Shikha Yadav
    Hi, I really liked the dress thank you so so much… I wore it on New Year’s Eve and got so many compliments. Thank you 
  • Mihika Awate
    Hey! Loved the dress! I have been buying from you for the last 3 birthdays now. The dresses never disappoint 
  • Vishika Yadav
    Thanks for this wonderful outfit!!! Everyone loved it
  • Julie Sheth
    Love your outfit..celebrated my bday in it.. feel so comfortable and at the same time makes me look gorgeous. Thanks a ton.
  • Tanya Purohit
    Loved it thanks
  • Karishma Sakhrani
    Everyoneeeee has loved this 
  • Ambika Jariwala
    It was looking stunning.
  • Rashna Sanjana
    Hey guys,received the stuff. Love the fabrics & like the fit.Also like how you’ve reduced timelines
  • Kiran Pednekar
    I loved the fit and received too many compliments.
  • Ananya
    Thank you for processing the order asap! I did receive my order today, a day earlier than expected!  And the dress fits me perfectly!! Thank you again :)
  • Grishma Desai
    Just wanted to tell you that I have received my package , and am in love with everything....... i just loved it.Fabric , stitching and each and every detail.
  • Aditi Jadhav
    So many people are asking about this dress. It’s extremely gorgeous . Thank you ❤️
  • Dhanvi Jariwala
    Couldn’t have found a better dress for my birthday than this. Thank you❤️
  • Grishma
    I am in love with the dress. Thanks a lot for making this beautiful outfit.
  • Jasleen Arora
    Hey hey! Received the skirt two days back. Loved it :D .Thank you so much for taking the pain and efforts to fast track this order. Means a lot. Will definitely be buying more stuff from you guys in the future.
  • Tamanna Aggarwal
    Got the Silver dress. Fit is perfect! Want to order black now.
  • Pallavi Bishnoi
    The most fun outfit I’ve worn in a long time! Thank you
  • Vachana Raga
    Thankyou for all your dresses, for every occasion I make sure to buy a dress from your end . It’s super comfy your dresses make me love myself more and more!!
  • Mansi Patel
    Hey there, thanks for sending a beautiful outfit. It fits so good.Your outfits made my vacation perfect.Such beautiful outfit, and it fits good.Thank you for the lovely outfit!
  • Kalpana Mehta
    Very happy with the purchase. Thank u
  • Vidhya Nagnath
     Loving ur stuff!!! So so happy with the purchase.It's so beautiful ,can't get over it and even if i searched for the same top i won't be able to find it anywhere around my city.It's worth every penny.
  • Simran Goyal
    Hie ,thank you so much for making my birthday special with this beautiful dress
  • Mihika Bijouria
    Absolutely loved the dress, it was a perfect birthday. Thank you.
  • Nikita Bagrecha
    Always happy with your collection.
  • Shruti Kale
    Hey, I loved the dress you delivered and it was perfect for a beach destination Like Miami!
  • Ekta Bhambri
    Loved it
  • Mona Shah
    Thank you so much for this amazing outfit.It made my Singapore holidays comfortable and easy.
  • Radhika Agarwal
    Thank you for this amazing dress.Just wore it here in Nyc for Halloween! And the dress looked bomb
  • Aditi Sabadra
    Hey I wore this dress in Goa.Got so many compliments on it. Thanks for wonderful dress
  • Priyanka Jain
    Thank you. Loved it! . It was perfect.
  • Nirja Shah
    I loved the dress and so did my sister in law.
  • Aishwarya Lamba
    Hello just wanted to share how much I loved wearing your dress in my Dubai holiday trip
  • Vidhi Kalra
    Received the dress..loved it thank you . Thanks for the prompt delivery.
  • Riddhi Patel
    Loved loved ur dresses 200%. Special thanks that u delivered me on time before our trip ....
  • Samddhi Nayar
    Hi! I checked, I’ve received it. Thank you so much
  • Perrisha Patel
    Thank you so much for such beautiful outfits.
  • Shreya Malhotra
     Loved it! My birthday dress. All my friends are in love with this one!
  • Nishu Mittal
    Everything is perfect. Loved all the pieces.
  • Kunju Jhawar
    Thank you ! Loved it.
  • Astha Shukla
    Thank you for the amazing fit and fabric. Loved the product.
  • Bhavish Shah
    Hey! Thanks for the outfit. It looked very pretty.
  • Karishma Mehta
    I just tried and omggg!!! You won't believe it but in upcoming wedding events I'm wearing 3 of your outfits! I got the dress and it fits just so well. Like wowwwww.
  • Bhavya Goel
    Got the dress!! Super cute! Love the cut and fabric.. fits like a dream.. i can't wait to wear it in Dubai.Planning to wear it on a yacht ride.Fabric is very impressive.
  • Varsha Agarwalla
    Absolutely, you are the most affordable brand. My Wardrobe is full of your clothes.
  • Rashika Gupta
    Your linen dresses and linen collection is a blessing for working women . Please do a separate collection of shirts soon. As a government employee I know how hard it is to find shirts that we actually like these days for workwear. As for embassies, you always have to look presentable and all. Will be placing an order soon. Keep up the good work ❤️.
  • Apeksha
     I wore this dress on my birthday and everyone just loves the dress.The dress fitted me so perfectly.
  • Charmy
    Sending lots of love to your team.
  • Kritika Juneja
    Thank you .Loved it
  • Priyanka
    Received the courier!Thanks.Loved them.And fitted well too but neckline a little deep .. will get that done.
  • Kanchu
    Thank you for this lovely dress ❤️.
  • Kanchu
    Thank you for this lovely dress ❤️.
  • Ritika Sharma
    Hey,finally wore this attire!It looked amazing .Thank you.
  • Ekta Bhambri
    Loved the dress.Got loads of compliments. Thanks for the beautiful dress UrbanSuburban 
  • Vineeta Dhankar
    Hey I have received my exchange on time and they fit me perfectly. They look amazing. Thank you for your support.
  • Pallavi Sharma
    Received my dresses and they are just perfect. Red one is so gorgeous.Can't wait to wear it .Thankyou again for making that happen and also to your team for getting me my perfect dress.
  • Agnes rozario
    Just wanted to say that I wore the green dress that I ordered and it was ammmaaaaaaazing, the fit, the stitch wow.
  • Ishita Mithani
    Thank you! Love all the clothes I have got from you. More power to you ❤️.
  • Radhika Wason
    Thank you for this pretty outfit ❤️.
  • Roopsi Taneja
    Wore this pant for a very special and big day.❤️❤️.Loved wearing it; felt so comfortable and stylish.Every person in the room was a fan and asked me about it.Have given a recommendation to so many girls.
  • Anagha Sudheer
    Hey! Just wanted to let you guys know that I loved all the clothes and everything fit perfectly! The skirt and orange dress was just too good Wore only your clothes on my recent Bali trip and got so many compliments!Thanks again .Big big love! Can't wait to buy more stuff 
  • Sweta Agarwall
     Hi ,I just received my exchange. Fits amazingly well, love the colour. Thank you ❤️.
  • Tanvi Sulay
    Loved the dress, it means so much.Thanks a ton .It got delivered on time for my birthday..thank u for making it special..will wear and share the pic .And it fits me just right .Keep growing..thanks a lot once again.
  • Varsha Ramesh
    Hello ♥️ I wanted to share a couple of photos with you!! Love love love these dresses by you ♥️.All of these gifted by my sister and mother 
  • Neetu Sethi
    Hey !! Received my dress and it is perfect. Loved the fit .. will share pictures once i wear it .. Thanks ❤️.
  • Mitali Shirodkar
    Thank you so much.I received my dresses and I loved it ❤️If it hadn't been for you guys I would have had a difficult time socialising.Because of you I am more confident 
  • Priyanka Talwar
    Thanks a lot for the dress - fits perfectly fine ♥️.
  • Ishita Jain
    Hi, I had ordered a dress for my 22nd bday in Aug. I just wanted to thank you once from the core of my heart. The dress is like a dream and really made my day even more special. I received a lot of compliments on how beautiful I looked and it's truly one of my favourite outfits. Sharing a picture as well to applaud all the hard work you guys put in! ❤️Can't wait to shop more!
  • Hetal shah
    Thank you so much for these lovely outfits. I just loved them so comfortable and best part is your fabric is so soft and beautiful colour coordination ❤️
  • Carishma
     I feel like a heroine. Thanks for the amazing designs 
  • Kriti Mehta
    Wore this beautiful urban suburban dress in my recent trip to goa❤️Thank you ..i love urban suburban outfits
  • Divya
     The fabric for this dress is soo comfortable. Felt like I was wearing nothing . It’s all you guys!! Your fabric choice is great.I literally lived on your brand during my vacation
  • khushboo khanna
    Thank youuuuuuuu!! To the entire team.You know I am going to keep coming back. Hehe! Thanks again! Wishing you more success
  • Eeshita Jhawar
    Hey! I wore both the outfits in Goa and got so so many compliments. And it looked sooo nice. Thank you❤️❤️
  • Riya Jain
     I finally wore this one and it looked amazing. The fitting and everything was just perfect
  • Huzaifa Bombaywala
    I don't think I have ever been this happier for a dress!!! It's like my dream dress!!!And it fit me perfectly! Thank you Urban suburban! I am your total fan!❤️.
  • Riya Bhansali
    Loved the dress and the fitting. Thank you so much. Honestly the dress is stunning 
  • Rachna Jain
    Thanks for these pants, I love them
  • Nishi Shah
    Very happy with the outfits.
  • Shweta kumar
     I wore your dress for work for a meeting and got so many compliments ♥ ️ . Thanks for the amazing dress.
  • Kumkum Arya
     I received my dress and it was my first order with you guys. I am really happy about the color, the fabric and the stitching. I loved everything about this purchase. So worth the wait. Keep it up ❤️ After ages, I have liked some purchases so much.
  • Poonam Khemani
     I wore your dress fest for a birthday party n each n every one looks ked it .
  • Rajika Ghose
    Heyy I'd bought this dress a while back for my birthday and loved it so much the custom fit was perfect and I got so many compliments thank you so much ♥️♥️
  • Akshita Garodia
    Hi, I received the package. I loved it. Thank you soo much 
  • Aditi
    I received the's beautiful..but more than the outfit, I liked the packaging..the sticker was a very thoughtful idea.. Thank you
  • Vanika Gupta
    Hey! Just wanted to come here and tell you how amazingly the dress fit in! Just love it
  • Nisha Agarwal
     I got a lot of compliments 
  • Riddhi Patel
     Awesome dress....
  • Anmol
    Got so many compliments from random strangers in Scotland!! told them it’s from an Indian brand and they were so so surprised
  • Vismitha Sreerama
    Wore this in Bangkok, truly loved it, thank you
  • Aparna Iyer
     I loved wearing this outfit with my husband! Sending love from Las Vegas!
  • Anushree Tandon
     The dress was very good.
  • Shefali Golecha
    Received the dress. Loved it. Though the wait was a lot, I absolutely loved the fit and fabric.
  • Vipasha Happa
    I just received it!! .Crazyyyyy Fit. I loved it. I guess it was worth the wait. Everything is perfect, the fitting, the length of the dress, everything. Thank you soo much. Once I get ready I will share the pictures with you! Thank youuuuu❤️❤️.
  • Aditi Sabadra
    Heyy I received the dress, totally totally in love with it, looks really good & it fits perfectly well.. Thank you so much
  • Bharti Phalswal
    This is a beautiful top!! Thank you ♥️.
  • Amrita Banerjee
    Received the co-ord. The fit is just perfect.
  • Vineeta Shah
    Hey thanks for your personal help.For now i have ordered the other playsuit from the tour collection. But I really would like to appreciate your personal support.
  • Noopur Dave
     I just got my violet high waist pants and its just be you amazing and i loved it totally 
  • Percy Naik
    The dress was very pretty and thanks for the fastest delivery too.
  • Naina Chhablani
    Hello  , I received my parcel . The fit of the dress is amazing!! Thank you so much. I love it . Looking forward to shopping more . Keep the good work up . 
  • Rabani Mishka
    Loved the fits ❤️.
  • Vani Rastogi
    Thank you for the lovely dress.
  • Sonakshi
     Thank you for being such an amazing customer service.You were very sweet and patient
  • Kritika Juneja
    Hey, Thankyou Urban Suburban. I bought this dress a while ago. 
  • Amisha Shah
    Love the shirt. Thanks.
  • Hinal Tanna
    You guys have been absolutely fabulous .Your tops got me so many compliments and also queries of where did i buy it from.Thank youuu
  • Anushka Mistri
     I would say the outfit is appropriate for such occasions where you want to dress up fancy but also want to maintain the traditional touch. Perfect outfit for rakshabandhan 2022!❤️
  • Hetal Shah
    Thank you for the lovely skirt
  • Devashree Arora
    As always the absolute bestest fit
  • Nandini Bhotika
    Hiii! I got a gorgeous jumpsuit from you guys. I wore it for an intimate haldi function and absolutely loved it. Thank you for customizing it and sending it on time.Loved the customer service and the outfit. Thank you!
  • Bhavi Jariwala
    Thanks for this super comfy top
  • Drashti Sheladiya
    Fitting is perfect & top is perfect.
  • Priya Goyal
    In love with this bottom
  • Sneha Jaisingh
    Thanks so much for the alteration ❤️. It’s a perfect fit now.
  • Mukti Sirohi
    Got the dress, thanks so much. It fits really well. Thanks to Vinod bhai who stitched my dress! Just one feedback.. two buttons were stitched loosely, they almost came off when I unbuttoned it for trial. I will manage it though. Thanks again
  • Priya Nagori
    Thank you so much ❤️❤️you guys create magic ✨. I LOVED the jumpsuit. You guys are the best
  • Sakshi
    Just got my outfit, loved the fit and material. Definitely worth the wait ❤️.
  • Megha Murarka
    Loved the outfit
  • Siddhi Bhalotolia
    Wore the dress..Loved it
  • Ridhhi Rathod
    Thank you for the loveliest dress. Wearing it after two years and still feeling the same ❤️.
  • Pallavi Arora
    Hey received the parcel.Just love the fit ❤️ and the color also.
  • Ketu Shah
    Hey thank you so much
  • Shagun Kanodia
    Thank you for the beautiful dress.
  • Stuti Govil
    Received both products today and they're SO GOOD. Love love love the jumpsuit, excellent quality and the fit is so good - a tube top that actually stays up! Love it so much, thank you. It's been SUCH a good experience with your store.
  • Meghna Thaker
    Loved the pink outfit! Look how stunning!
  • Radhika Wason
    Got this dress customized and I got a lot of compliments. So big thank you for that!!!
  • Vishakha
    Thank you for this lovely outfit
  • Bani Chhabra
    Thank you ! Loved the dress! Got me a lot of compliments 
  • Mampi Natung
    Lovely dress Thank you so much
  • Dia Thakkar
    This is my favorite buy! Thank you so much
  • Pakhi Choudary
    Your collection is absolutely amazing You guys are doing such an amazing job
  • Neha Mishra
    I took this dress from you sometime back Thank you so much ❤️It was soo soo pretty Such a vibrant colour
  • Sanskrati Jain
    Just wanted to take a min & tell I loved the dress The fabric, the print & the look was beautiful Thank youuu ✨ Keep it up amazing people
  • Avantika Joglekar
    Hey! Just wanted to say that I finally tried everything the day before n it fits so well n looks so good. Phew! So glad I waited, totally worth it. Thank you!!
  • Sindhu Rathod
    Thank you for the beautiful dress
  • Shagun Kanodiya
    I received the dress.It’s fabbbb
  • Shweta Madhavan
    Loved the dress, thank you so much!
  • Niharika Ram
    I loved the dress
  • Disha Desai
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  • Julie Sheth
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  • Vin Ath
    Hello! I just received my order. I love it! Truth be told, I don't shop online a lot (at all), and I try my level best to not support fast fashion.When I saw how your company sources from surplus materials, and the amount of thought that goes into your website, I decided to go for it. I followed your sizing guide, and the outfit fits perfectly! It's just as it is on the website! :D I love so many styles, I hope that I can get many more designs soon. Also loved the sticker showing me who my tailor was.           Thank you for a great experience :)
  • Gunjan Batra
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  • Drishti Chawla
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  • Hridaya Sharma
    Wore this tie dye dress for my anniversary. I just wanted to let you know I absolutely loved it! Got so many compliments, and though I was apprehensive at first about the fit, the dress was so comfortable
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  • H.V. Bhagavathi
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  • Priya Goel
    Loved styling both my US dresses. Thank you so much. 
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    I just wanted to say that I happened to discover you guys yesterday and I LOVE the stuff you guys have.
  • Priya Srivastava
    I would like to say, That the dress got delivered! It’s perfect. It’s exactly what I had imagined and expected! It’s unbelievably cute! Looked good on me! I am so happy I ordered it! Your team is amazing ! And your collection is assembled in such a good way! Thank you to the entire team.
  • Kavisha Doshi
    Hey! Received my order today! Fits perfectly
  • Sanj Reddy
    Received this amazing jumpsuit!!!
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    Got the co-ord set and it fits like a glove. Absolutely love it. Thank you so much!
  • Prashanti Mehta
    I received my courier. I couldn’t wear it on the occasion I wanted to, as it came one day later than the expected delivery date. However, I absolutely loveddddddd it. The fabric, cut, flow, fitting and the colour ❤️❤️
  • Shreya Nawar
    Hey! I received my order today. I simply love the garment. It is so well made. Thank you so much.
  • Shweta Jogalekar
    The co-ord set fit me well and looked great. I must thank you because it is my first co-ord set that I bought as I was never confident as to how it will look on me.
  • Nisha Shetty
    I wore the dress for my proposal. It was so beautiful.
  • Upasana
    Hi recieved my order today. It's such a gorgeous dress❤️ Fits like a glove...Thank you so much, it made my Monday beautiful ☺️☺️
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    Thank you so much. I received the dress. Loved it. Especially the fit. 
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    I wore this dress for my 27th birthday a few days back. It was lovely. Just wanted to let you guys know you are amazing and UrbanSuburban has become my go to shopping brand now. 
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    The dress is wonderful and the packaging was great. It fits really well. Thank you so much. 
  • Aparna Devi
    Honestly it's gorgeous
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    Hi! I received the dress today. It fits really well. Thank you very much!
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    Hey...I got my dress's beautiful !
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    I got my package yesterday. The oversized shirt is really gorgeous and the material and fitting everything is absolutely perfect. I am looking forward to shopping more from your brand. The collection is amazing! Thank you so much. 
  • Sahiba Pannu
    Just tried the top, I love it and it fits perfectly now. Thank you so much for the great customer support! 
  • Ira Malhotra
    Styled this top and fell in love with it
  • Sejal Doshi
    Loved the quality and fit is good too, thank you ❤️
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    Hey, I received my dress. It's perfect...Thank you so much, it's beyond perfect.
  • Kalpana Mehta
    I loved the jumpsuit!
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    Hey! I have received my dress. And it’s just perfect! I’ve got it for a really special occasion and I’m so excited to wear it! 
  • Aashita Bajaj
    I must say your collection is amazing. Love all styles from shirts to dresses. Keep looking forward to seeing your new collections and ordering from you. 
  • Tulika Agarwal
    Hi! I’ve received my order! It’s beautiful! Thanks a ton
  • Tarushi bansal
    Hello, I would just love to acknowledge that the dress is so adorable. It is a great fit and falls perfectly. I feel like I’m 5 and wearing frocks again. It is amazing. Thanks a lot! 
  • Shubhangi
    I have got the dress. I gotta tell you it’s worth every penny I have spent. It’s splendorous and beautiful. It looked better than the photos. I loved the dress.
  • Swara Ahluwalia
     The dress fits perfectly. Appreciate the simple and no fuss packaging. 
  • Miloni Ranawat
    Just wanted to say that I could not wear the dress on my birthday but when I wore it for clicking random pictures it was just amazing but I’m sharing the pictures in both the dresses and the shirt because they were genuinely made with perfection and i have finally found a brand that matches my taste. Thank you✨
  • Divya
    Hey, received the package and loved the dress. Beautiful fitting and looking forward to shopping more from your page. Keep doing the amazing work.
  • Rinku Goel
    Hello, I received my dress and liked it alot. Thank you so much.
  • Shubhani Sayal
    Hey, So I opened the package and first off, I want to appreciate all the eco friendly packaging. Really good initiative. The tops are beautiful, just like on your website and fit me well too. Also, the best part and the reason I ordered from you guys was that every piece is made to order. I will send you pictures whenever I can wear them out. Just wanted to give a little review since you guys give such personal attention to each other.
  • Rinku Soni
    Hey, I am loving how your brand is growing and I was there when the first time ever it had come to lil flea and ever since then I am glued to it. Also, every new style that you come up with, the graph just keeps moving forward. Amazing work.
  • Amisha Sharama
    Hey, I received the parcel and it is beautiful. Also, a big thanks to you guys for delivering it on time. Cheers!
  • Simran Agarwal
    Hey, I received the dress today and it is gorgeous. Thank you.
  • Nidhida Sharma
    Hey, received the parcel and this size fits me perfectly.
  • Shruti Shrivastava
    Hey, received the package. Thank you. The fitting is amazing.
  • Urvashi Dugar
    Hey, received the package and the dress fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.
  • Ruchita Agarwal
    Dear Dinesh Uncle, Hope you don’t mind me calling you uncle. Thank you so much for messaging across all this information. Also, I am so happy to see you helping out your daughters. A father is daughter’s biggest strength and support system. It is so heartwarming seeing you support your daughters. I am very excited to try out the stuff. Also, once I receive the eco friendly bag will surely give you feedback. Thank you.
  • Priyal Solanki
    Hey, I have received my parcel. The delivery was super quick with all the safety measures taken care of. I have shopped several times online but never ever received such a gesture and privilege while shopping from your reputed and unique brand. One of my friends gave your positive feedback which made me tempted to stalk your website. For quite a long time your team very patiently used to address my queries through whatsapp and made sure that I have a positive outlook and then finally I ordered from Urban Suburban. Usually I do not give such long feedback but looking at your MD message(Urban Suburban girls dad). I felt it so pure and hard effort the brand is taking for customer satisfaction and to make them permanent on the list. Can’t wait to try my outfits and share one more valuable feedback for the same. Kudos to the Urban Suburban team!
  • Divya Kikla
    Hello Uncle! I received the package this morning, sorry I couldn't reply to you on time. I really appreciate the efforts you all are putting, from eco-friendly packaging to the quality of the garment everything is absolutely perfect. The dress is lovely and fits so beautifully.  Love the quality and am looking to shop more. Thank you so much  for making your clients feel special. 
  • Nishi Dixit
    Recently, my friend bought me this black slit dress from you. The dress was just perfect and looked amazingly sexy and gorgeous on me. I didn’t know the process of a dress being made. You are one of the most trustworthy brands one can find on instagram. Appreciate your service and thank you for an amazing tailored dress.
  • Sonika Chowbey
    To the team of Urban Suburban. First of all, I want to thank you for sending my order within the promised time. I am a regular online shopper but never have I seen such commitment, professionalism or so to say personalisation of messages when comes to customer updates. I am really looking forward to receiving my order and wearing the clothes, which I am sure  has been crafted with utter passion and packed with double love. PS:- I have a grandfather, who shared similar passion and love for the work he used to do. Inspires a whole bunch of young people, who are just getting started into the professional world. Special Thanks  Mr. Dinesh for sharing lovely messages and the beautiful pictures. Sending lots of love and best wishes.
  • Niharika Nigam
    Hello Sir, As a brand owner myself, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate this kind of communication. It is so rare to see this level of effort taken to create personal touch to an order I made through instagram. By sharing your stories and pictures, it feels like you have welcomed me into your own family and I just wanted to thank you for it. My dress order is for my 30th birthday, on 2nd may. I will always remember Urban suburban as a brand to watch out for and I had no idea it wasn’t a fast moving fashion brand and that everything is tailored. Branding is absolutely phenomenal. All the best, and it’s been a pleasure to hear from you.
  • Shubh Agarwal
    Hey, I received the dresses and wore all of them already hehe! Thank you so much, they are amazing and the size is also perfect.
  • Sanjana Motwani
    Hey, I just received my order yesterday and the top fits so well and looks exactly like I expected. Looking forward to shopping more with you. Thank you.
  • Vrinda Joshi
    Hey, I just got the dress and it is pure love. I have never seen anything as beautiful as that. Thank you so much.
  • Ritu Jain
    Hey, received the parcel. The top and skirt are absolutely perfect and the fitting is on point.
  • Varsha Purohit
     Such a lovely dress. Thank you.
  • Shradha Manchanda
    Hello, received the parcel. Thank you so much, it fits perfectly!
  • Kaveri Aiyappa
    Hey, I received the garments. It’s amazing and perfect. I love the fact that it is tailor made.
  • Miloni Rawat
    Hey, I got the garments and they fit perfectly just as I thought. Thank you so much for making my dream outfit come true.
  • Shrishti Bhatia
    Hey, received the dress today. Thank you so much. The fabric and the design is lovely, will order more soon.
  • Akansh Chawla Jain
    Hey, I just received the rust flowy midi dress and I am in love with it! Thank you so much. You guys are amazing.
  • Prerna Jain
    Hey, I received the garments and it is super pretty. Thank you.
  • Shradha Shelar
    Hey, I received my package today and I am so happy with the fit. Thank you so much for delivering it earlier than I expected.
  • Priyanka Sharma
    Hey, loved the top. Thank you so much.
  • Bansi Mori
    Hi, I received my product yesterday and it is beautiful, just as shown in the picture in fact it is more beautiful. everything is beautiful starting with the package and the quality of the top. You have the best holiday wear range. Looking forward to shopping more. Thank you.
  • Shrishti Shivani
    Hello, the top was amazing.
  • Tanzeel Qureshi
    Hey, the red top I bought looks great. Also, a friend gifted me the purple top. Both of them fit me really well and looks fabulous. Thank you.
  • Prerna Jamad
    Thank you for making my birthday special with this beautiful garment! 
  • Sakshi Dokania
    Hey, I received my order today. It’s perfect and the fitting is great. Thank you so much.
  • Sanjana Bhatt
    Hey ,I received the parcel , I’m in love with the dress , it's so perfect for my body. I just love it.
  • Priyanka Sharma
    Hello,  I can't get over how beautiful this top is.
  • Anjana Menon
    Hey, really happy with both the tops I ordered. I will definitely shop again.
  • Namrata Saurastri
    I received the skorts and the top. I must appreciate the quality, stitch and the fit! It was super awesome. Thank you so much for making it on time.
  • Nimisha Kharbanda
    Hey, got the dresses. I just love them.
  • Nimisha Srivastava
    Hey , team urban suburban ! I received my order a couple of days back and I loved it ! Superb fitting and quality . Surely going to wear it soooon and send you pics ! And definitely going to re -order from US ! Thank you
  • Ann Sarkar
    Loved the dress. Just received it.
  • Meghna Bera
    Hello, thank you for the lovely products and taking the efforts to send in the handwritten note. It was a lovely shopping experience. Thank you.
  • Surabhi
    Hello, I received the jumpsuit, the size was perfect.Thank you. I really like it!
  • Shubhi
    Hi, thanks for the perfect dress.
  • Nikita Shah
    Hey, I received my parcel and it fits like a glove! Absolutely loved how it turned out and can't wait to wear it!
  • Prerna Jamad
    Hi, you guys have been extremely patient and delivered it on time. Love the clothes and the feel of them, they’re beautiful!
  • Sukriti Jain
    Hey, loved the pants fit and the fabric quality was also really good.
  • Mamatha
    I loved the clothes! They fit me so well and the quality is great.
  • Rajeswari Goel
    Hey, I received the dress today. It was super beautiful. Thanks a ton and the fitting is awesome.
  • Mampi Natung
    I absolutely love it. Omg!I can’t tell you how pretty it is.
  • Kajal Patel
    Thank you so much! Received the order on time. Absolutely love the outfits ! Can’t wait to wear them.
  • Naasha Taraporewala
    Hello, I received my order and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  The colour is gorgeous. It's so soft I feel like wearing it all day.
  • Khyati
    Hi, I received my order and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much.
  • Rashi Parakh
    I got my top and I loved it.
  • Pooja Chowdhury
    Hey, I received my product and it's amazing.
  • Riddhi Rathod
    Hey, I received my jumpsuit. It's lovely. Every cloth I bought is worth the wait.
  • Anshu Bhatia
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirt! Thank you for the soft and comfortable  material.
  • Shravistha
    Hey! Really sorry for the late message. I received the jumpsuit. Thanks a lot. I Loved it. It's a little long in length but it's manageable. Thanks for sending it in the given time frame.
  • Mihika Awate
    Hi! I received the order & I am absolutely in love with the dress! Thank you so much. Looking forward to shopping more for your store.
  • Nisha Shetty
    The dress looks beautiful and fits perfectly!
  • Shrishti Kapoor
    Hey, I received the parcel and it fits amazingly well.
  • Shrestha Vora
    I wore the black dress & it looked stunning!
  • Mansi Wadhwani
    Hi, I received the crop top, it’s beautiful and size is perfect.Thank you for assisting me with my size and making the exchange so smooth! So proud that this a made in India label!❤ 
  • Ishani Baishya
    Hey, I received my top today. The fit was perfect. I loved it!
  • Rani Hansalia
    Hey,just received my parcel today and it is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much.
  • Keerthi
    Hi, I have received my order a week back. It fits me perfectly and the colour looks amazing! Can't wait to wear it!
  • Silver Doshi
    Hello, I received my parcel. Thank you so much for making my outfits perfectly. Just loved it.
  • Angel Toppo
    Hey, I've received my order. That was real quick. Really impressed. I will share a picture soon.
  • Rathika Hegde
    Hey, I Received the package. The dress is beautiful and I  can't wait to wear it.
  • Tanushree Arora
    Hey, I just received the order today and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I love your collection so much, especially the new one. Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece.
  • Ritika Sharma
     Hey,I received the parcel,I love it so much
  • Ishita Ramanujan
    Hey, I received my parcel and I loved everything! It  fits me like a glove.
  • Kamaya Jain
    Hello, I have received the parcel and  I loved the jumpsuit, the fitting oh god!❤Thanks a ton! You made my day. I would love to order again & again.
  • Abhoya Bhattacharya
    Got the dress and  loved it.
  • Pooja Upadhyay
    Love the dress. Thanks a lot.
  • Marziyah Ladiwala
    The pants are Great.
  • Shivani Agarwal
    Hi, I have received the jumpsuit and I am so happy with it. The fit is really good and I am going to wear it soon .  Thanks for such a lovely outfit. 
  • Tejal Ughade
    Finally, I received the dress & it did meet my expectations. Cannot wait to dress up! Thank you for delivering happiness.
  • Neha Sinha
    Hi, I received the parcel two days back. The dress is just amazing  and I am in love with it.  You guys are amazing.
  • Ekta Anand
    Hey, I received the dress. It’s absolutely beautiful, I love the fit and the colour.
  • Ambara Tiwari
    Hey, I Received the dress and it's beautiful. Thank you.
  • Yukti Sharma
    The dress is amazing. I loved it.
  • Upasana
    Thank you so much. I have received my order. It's really beautiful and fits perfectly.
  • Aditi
    Thanks for the beautiful playsuit. I Love it and It fits perfect.
  • Smriti
    Thanks a lot.I'm looking forward to shopping more with you guys.I love the stuff,  and you guys actually make limited quantity pieces, which are handpicked for everyone and that is great! 
  • Kinjal Parekh
    Thank you for the white dress.It made my birthday look fabulous. 
  • Padma
    Hi I received my dress and it fits me fine.Thanks for the help and being so understanding. I really appreciate it. Also the dress is amazing.
  • Jal Sahajwani
    Hello, I received my parcel and it’s very good. Thank you.
  • Kshama Samra
    Hello, I received my dress. Thank you so much. I Love the fitting and the fabric is really good.
  • Tanisha Jain
    Hello, I received my parcel and I’m in love with it. The night suit is so cute and comfortable, I wouldn't find this material and style anywhere.
  • Sonali Agarwal
    Hey Team, I have received the parcel. It is really nice and the fabric has so much grace. Thanks a ton for this! Thanks a ton for this.
  • Tanzeel Qureshi
    Hello, I received the blue jumpsuit and I love it! So worth the wait and it fits like a dream.
  • Ijiya
    Hey, I received the dress today and it is absolutely amazing! The fabric, fit and the overall look everything is great. Thank you so much.
  • Purvi Shah
    Hey, I just received the order and the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to wear it. Thanks a lot!
  • Aparna
    Hey, the dress is awesome. The color, flare and how it sits on my shoulder is just perfect.
  • Tanushree
    Good afternoon ma’am. Got my playsuit today and it fits me really well now. Thank you so much.
  • Violina Sharma
    Hi guys, I have received the package today and it fits beautifully! Thank You so much. These look amazing I will definitely buy more such pieces from you guys.Great work!
  • Preeti Jain
    Hey, received the dress. It is so beautiful and fits me perfectly. Thank You so much and look forward to shopping more with you.:)
  • Esha Kukreja
    Hey, I received my lilac dress. It is so pretty and fits me perfect. Thank You so much.
  • Devika Jadav
    Hey! They're super happy with my order! Loved it and I am surprised at how nice the quality and fit actually is. Great going guys.
  • Harshitha Arya
    Hey, received the parcel today and I loved both the dresses.
  • Saakshi Chahal
    I got the shirt today and really loved it. Thank You.
  • Swasthi
    I love the shirt quality and the white top is so cute. Despite the issues in the delivery and applying the coupon code,the clothes quality is amazing. I Will purchase more from you guys and support local brands than Zara or h&m especially when brands like you are doing such an amazing job. Love the fact that you customise and are size inclusive as well.
  • Priyanka Kulkarni
    Hey, I received my dress and loved it so much. Thank you.
  • Riddhi Rathod
    Hey, I received my order. I loved it and my mom loved it even more, elegant design. Thank You.
  • Shraddha Karwa
    Hey, lovely dress and very pretty back too.
  • Madhu Shah
    Hi there, The dress I ordered has fit me very well and the fabric is super comfortable and extremely soft! Thank You so much. I will be ordering more for sure !
  • Tanzeel Qureshi
    A couple of my friends and I have been eyeing on your collection and we have all bought pieces that both appearance and quality wise have swooned us! The pieces both individually or in sets are classic/basic keepers! Also so happy with the customer service and assistance and customisation provided for sizes! Great work!
  • Purvi Priyam
    Amazing experience at Urban Suburban. Niddhi called me up to confirm all the measurements and curated some requirements as per my need. She was so helpful throughout from placing the order tocustomization, shipping and delivery. The fabric of the product was amazing and stitching was great as well. Going to order again soon. Great work Urban Suburban.
  • Kumari Purvi
    Thank you, Nidhi. I received the order and the fitting was amazing. As you assured me of customization, the fitting idea given by you was apt and it fits me well. Also, the fabric is comfortable and the stitching is wow. I cannot wait for an occasion to wear it soon.
  • Neha Chopad
    Hey, Thank you. I loved the dress. It is amazing as expected and I am surely going to shop more.
  • Krishna Hadvaid
    Hello, thank you so much for this lovely dress.
  • Harshita Andhoni
    Hey guys! I freaking love this dress so much! Thank you so much for this beautiful piece from you. The count of compliments that I have got for this dress is countless. This has been my birthday saviour.I have to be thankful to you guys for making me look so damn pretty and I suppose many of my friends are heading to your website to grab all your collection.
  • Bhumika Patel
    Hey, I received the parcel and I loved it!!
  • Shivani Goyal
    I just received the package. Firstly, thanks for having this delivered on time. Secondly, It’s so damn pretty! The fit is so amazing and honestly I didn’t expect this level of fitting. I will definitely recommend this brand to others. 
  • Mehak Jain
    Hello, Thanks a ton, the fitting of the garment is perfect. I will share the pictures soon.
  • Jahnavee Ramalingam
    Hi, I just received my order and I loved it. Great fabric, stitching and amazing fit.
  • Khushboo Mehta
    I got the parcel. Thank you so much and the outfit fits perfectly.
  • Vaishnavi Venkatesh
    I just received the playsuit and I absolutely loved it, Thank you so much.
  • Ruchi Jariwala
    Thank you for this comfortable and such a pretty looking outfit. I just loved wearing it and special thanks to Unnati for designing the outfit along with the confidence that she had that it would look good on me and also Vinod bhai who stitched it with such perfection. Please pass on my appreciation to each one of them who made it with so much love. I really liked it alot and it was very comfortable and got a lot of compliments for this outfit, and I am in love with all the outfits that I bought from Urban Suburban.
  • Brunda Nair
    Hello, I loved the garment alot.
  • Krutika
    Hello, Thanks for the lovely outfit. I wore it on my birthday and I loved it.
  • Vigram Shreya
    Hey, I received my outfits and I am in love with it.
  • Neha Buttan
    I received the dress today and I have to say that I am in love with the dress. From packaging to fitting of the dress everything is perfect! Thank you guys and Ramkiyaz bhai. Please extend my gratitude and appreciation to him and your whole team for sending across this beautiful piece to me!
  • Umang
    I received the parcel and I really loved it. The fitting, material, design and everything is perfect. Thank you so much.
  • Tanushree Arora
    Once again thank you so much for sending such a beautiful piece. Literally every single friend of mine said that the dress is beautiful and this is my picture in the beautiful piece by you. Love Urban Suburban so much.
  • Esha Kukreja
    Hey, I have received my courier and the dress is so cute! Thank you to your team and Ikrar bhai.:)
  • Minal Sojitra
    Hello, I have received my parcel and all the garments fitted so well. Thank you so much.
  • Sanskriti
    Thank you for the lovely jumpsuit. It just made my birthday special.
  • Aashna
    Hey! I received my top and pants today and I must say, the quality is so good! I loved it so much. The fabric is so breathable, extremely soft and I loved the pants and they are perfect. Thank you.
  • Drishti Hajong
    Thank you so much. I have received a wonderful dress.
  • Swetha Jain
    Thank you so much for the black and white jumpsuit. I really loved it and it was just perfect. Looking forward to buying more stuff.
  • Esha Rao
    Hi, I received my dress today and I am so in love. I cannot wait to shop from Urban Suburban again!
  • Natasha
    I love the lilac jumpsuit and it fits me perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it soon. Thank you.
  • Harshita Andhoni
    Hey, I just received the package and I am so happy to know that you guys take such great care in delivering your customer products. I absolutely loved the packaging and the write up! Thanks for sending in my birthday clothes.. I can't wait to style it and I will share the pictures once I put them on. Much love to you guys and I’ll order a few more pieces from you guys soon!
  • Samiksha Roongta
    I absolutely love the dress! Thank you so much.
  • Bhumika Poply
    Hey, I just received my package and oh my god I can’t tell you how much I love it. I can’t wait to wear it on my weekend getaway and share pictures with you. Thanks I really love it.
  • Devika Jaisingh
    Hey, I wore that dress yesterday. Thank you so much the dress is beyond amazing.
  • Shagun
    Hey, I received my playsuit and looks amazing. I can’t wait to dress up and wear it and this will be my first outfit that I wear post lockdown hehe.
  • Tanisha Bhattacharyya
    Hey I’m really late in saying this but the dress       was gorgeous. It fits like a glove and I was so pleased that it came right in time and I could wear it for the event. Thank you. :)
  • Preeti
    Aww! The note is very sweet and I loved it. I received both the garments and loved them both and I will definitely share the pictures once I wear it. Thank you girl and more power to you.
  • Jennie Jacob
    Hey, I received my parcel and the fitting is great.
  • Vinita Nagrani
    Hi, I just received my outfit and after trying it on I’m very happy with the product. The fit is absolutely perfect. Looks very elegant and love the finish too. I’m highly satisfied with the garment. Thank you so much for sending it to me at your earliest.
  • Sneha Valentine
    Hey, got my dress today & it was gorgeous. Thank you so much guys. Hoping to pick one every month.
  • Ishita
    I loved the dress and it fits very well. Thank you!
  • Shikha Jawar
    I received my order today and I love the fit. Thanks for making it so lovely.
  • Heeral Gadhiya
    Hi, I received the dress. It’s perfect and I love it.
  • Natasha Goswami
    Hey, I just got the parcel and I must say it’s a beautiful piece. It fits me perfectly and I love it ❤
  • Zaina Sogi
    Hey, I received the package today. It’s a beautiful dress.
  • Simran Bhan
    Hey I received the parcel. The fit and everything is perfect. I will share pictures tomorrow and tag your page too. Thank you so much. It's lovely!
  • Devika Jaysingh
    I just got the parcel, they’re beyond amazing and it fits me perfectly.
  • Aditi Batra
    Honestly I’m in love with the clothes and I loved the other two garments too. So unique. I haven't clicked pictures yet but I will surely send you when I click some ❤
  • Ria Ekka
    I've received my package and I love how it fits me. I'll post a picture soon.
  • Manisha Agarwal
    Hey, I just tried the outfits and the fitting is perfect. I loved both the garments. Thank you so much.
  • Aditi Batra
    Hey I just got the package and I absolutely love it. I will share a picture on my social media and will tag you too. AMAZING CLOTHES ♥
  • Mrina Vagasiya
    Hey, I received my parcel and I loved it!!
  • Parthvi Shah
    Hey, I received the outfit and it fits well.
  • Aditi bokadiya
    Hey, I received the parcel. It is amazing.
  • Simran
    Hey, I received the dress, and I really loved it a lot it looks really pretty ♥. Thanks for the great assistance and I completely appreciate that ♥. Definitely looking forward to shop more. Thanks a Ton. Honestly, I am in love with the dress it is exactly the way I thought. Also arrived way before time, appreciating everything, I will share the picture soon once I wear it.
  • Shailee Shah
    The dress is so beautiful and it fits me so well. Thank you so much and thank your tailor, Mr. Vinod Bhai, as well.
  • Sanjana
    Hi, the jumpsuit is beautiful. Thank You.
  • Saswati Phukan
    Hi, I am a big fan of your clothes now. I loved everything I ordered. The small yet impressive note as well as the scent of hygiene. I can vouch you had actually sanitized my products before delivering. Thank you so much. You got a loyal customer here and garments fit me so well.
  • Heeral Gadhiya
    Hi, the garment fits me so well. I loved it and my mom is happy about the length hehe.
  • Divya Hotchandani
    Hello, I received the parcel and loved the dress. Thank You.
  • Palvinder kaur
    Thank you I received my garment today. It’s lovely; I just love the fabric and the color.
  • Namratha Anand
    Hey, I just received my dress and omg it’s gorgeous. It fits like a glove and honestly loved the customized message from your end and I cannot wait to shop from you guys again, also special thanks to Akra bhai (I hope I said it right). But thank you so much for something so gorgeous.
  • Muskan Jamal
    I am so happy this time. The fitting was perfect not to tight not to loose and it looked great I loved it finally something I loved and I'm going to send a picture next time I try it.
  • Akansha Chaturvedi
    Hi guys! Thank you for the beautiful jumpsuit it just arrived and size 8 fits like a GLOVE. The note is so beautiful thank you and the fabric is so soft and perfect! It’s my first time ordering with you and I am so happy about it.
  • Ishita Mehta
    Hey, I just received the dress, it fits beautifully and also the fabric and finish is amazing.  Keep up the great work.
  • Muskan Khemka
    Hi! Both the dresses looked lovely! Will share photos while I wear them for an occasion. I really like your branding and professionalism. Keep it going. And thank you for such lovely dresses.
  • Kajal Kumari
    Thank You. The fabric is good and I loved the product, the material and everything is perfect.
  • Karishma Vaidya
    I received the yellow full sleeves dress and the fitting is wow. Thanks a to for before time and quick delivery.
  • Neeti Manglani
    I have to say, the note, the little bag, and the product itself is of top notch quality & beautiful. You have a permanent customer in me whenever I’m in India.
  • Sindhu Reddy
    The skirt fits me perfectly. Thank you so much.
  • Anushka
    Loved the playsuit.
  • Mahak Aggrawal
    Absolutely loved the jumpsuit, and the fit is amazing. 
  • Shatabdi
    I loved the quality and the fitting is so great.
  • Riddhima Ahuja
    Thank you for sending my outfit with a sweet message. I wore it and it looks amazing and I feel great wearing it. I just wanted to say Thank You, and keep up the great work.
  • Asmita
    Loved the outfit.
  • Tanishka Khandelwal
    Loved the top. 
  • Ananya
    The black and white stripes jumpsuit fits perfectly.
  • Insea Mittal
    I am very happy to see my jumpsuit. The fit and everything is just perfect, totally loved it. Thanks a lot for this beautiful jumpsuit.
  • Yashvi Shah
    Loved wearing this co-ord set! Such great quality and it fits me like a glove! So happy with your stuff and I got a lot of compliments when I wore it.
  • Anusha Reddy
    Thank you! It’s adorable. I would love to continue shopping with Urban Suburban.
  • Nidhi Ajmera
    The fit is commendable.
  • Ashita Sethi
    I just opened the packet and I loved it. The fitting is good too. Thanks, to Rajkumar bhaiya as well.
  • Malvika Menon
    Garment fits perfectly.
  • Meenal Jain
    Thank you so much for the note. I was delighted to receive your parcel like this.
  • Arya Raut
    Beautiful designs, very contemporary yet classic. The staff is very polite, patient and helpful. I will keep coming back for more purchases.
  • Krupali Gajjar
    Love the products.
  • Sakshi Karwariya
    Wonderful designs, great support for customers and commendable quality. Must visit the website for a great shopping experience.
  • Rakshita Malhotra
    The garment fits like a dream. Specially the black top & the green jumpsuit. I can’t wait to wear them. 
  • Priya Kejriwal
    These guys have really good service, garments and arrangements. The prints and fabrics they use are really amazing.
  • Megha Lipane
    Very good fabric quality and comfortable fitting. Worth buying.
  • Soundarya Siva
    You. The fit is amazing. I absolutely love it!
  • Sakshi Goenka
    The fitting was just perfect! Thank you
  • Harneet Kaur
    Hi, received the parcel. Thanks a lot for the quick delivery. The dress and its fit are amazing. 
  • Vandana Solanki
    Hi! Thanks, I have received the garment and looks lovely. It fits very well too.❤
  • Dipika Kedia
    Hey, I received the parcel.Thank you! It’s a little loose on the waist, which I will get it fixed. Ps- loved the handwritten note with the parcel.Great clothes. Please keep designing amazing clothes at great prices and we will keep coming back. :))
  • Mehak Agarwal
    Hi received the parcel today, thank you so much.The fit is amazing and perfect.
  • Trishala
    Hey I got the parcel. It's beautiful and the fitting is also perfect. Thank you so much.
  • Zahra
    Hey I just received my parcel! Thank You so much. It's lovely and fitting me well.
  • Deeksha Dolani
    I received the dress ordered and I loved it.
  • Nikita Goel
    Hi thank you for the quickest delivery; the garment   fits me very well. 
  • Deepika Jain
    Thanks a lot. Got a lot of compliments.Loved all your dresses collection.
  • Diya
    Hey I got the dress. Thank you so much. Love it.
  • Natasha Khandelwal
    Hey, I received the parcel. The fit is great! Kudos.
  • Tamana
    Hello, received the parcel and the quality is perfect.
  • Nisha Patel
    Hello, received the products. They are very nice and the shirt is perfect.
  • Amita
    Hi I received my playsuit. Thank you so much, fitting is great. Already eyeing on your new collection. 
  • Sanika Jain
    Hey, received the garments yesterday.I have to compliment the packaging. Right from the plastic bag to the paper cover and ofcourse the hand written note.You guys are doing a really nice job! Keep going!
  • Shivani Mittal
    Thankyou for the skorts! Love them ❤
  • Mahi Desai
    Hey, I loved the outfit.
  • Anjali Guwalani
    Hey, received the parcel. Everything just fits perfect.
  • Prerna Mittal
    Thanks for making this gorgeous dress for the special occasion. Everyone loved the dress. It was appropriate for the occasion.
  • Pooja Vishnoi
    Just loving jumpsuit. Thank you for such a lovely outfit .❤
  • Bhakti Vora
    Loved the pantsuit!!Thanks.
  • Minal Ahuja
    Hello, received the dress and it fits very well. Thank u. :)
  • Pooja Agarwal
    Hello, got the pants and the fitting is perfect. Thank You.
  • Nehaa
    Hi. I received the products. Thank you so much. They fit very well.
  • Shreya Naik
    Totally loved it! I wore my outfit at the Burj Khalifa. 
  • Pranayeeta Das
    This dress is a stunner. Love it.
  • Prandhya Deshmukh
    I love how the shorts fit (the call I received for size confirmation was very helpful and professional) and the tee I ordered definitely makes a statement.Would love to shop from urban suburban again. :)
  • Antara Kar
    Your products are really very nice.I love the fitting and the texture of the teal color shirt.
  • Ekta Gautam
    I got my parcel and it is really very nice.I love it.
  • Ambika Jariwala
    Got so many compliments for my outfit.
  • Anushka
    Hi. I loved both, the top and skirt. They are nice.
  • Hanisi
    Hey, I have recieved the parcel. It’s looking very pretty! Length is also perfect. Thankyou so much.❤
  • Shivangi Tiwari
    Thank you so much! I am in love with this top.

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